Get Direct Patient Care Hours at $15/hr.

Get into Med, PA, or Nursing School.

No certifications required
Flexible to your schedule

One of the best steps you can take in your pre-health career...

- Doctor at UNC Medicine

Top pay with a flexible schedule

Get flexible care gigs, helping older adults with in-home care. Get valuable experiences helping patients with Alzheimer's and dementia, orthopedic surgery recovery, cancer and other chronic diseases.

Meaningful work

Give back to the vulnerable elderly in our communities.


Contribute to a public health initiative becoming the focus of American healthcare.

Unique experience to boost your app

One of our primary goals at CareYaya is to help our PCAs get into the graduate schools of their dreams. CareYaya is your advisor and personal consultant to help you navigate grad school admissions.

All medical professions welcome

Whether you're an aspiring nurse, PA, MD, or any other medical professional, our team is here to help you achieve your aspirations.

Diverse experiences

We connect you with a wide array of experiences that make for unique personal statements and essays in your applications.

Exclusive benefits + opportunities

For our best Patient Care Assistants, we offer rewards and assistance to put you above and beyond other applicants. It's our way to reward you for taking care of the vulnerable elderly in our communities.

Shadowing clinicians

Find exclusive opportunities to shadow clinicians across nearby medical systems.

Letters of recommendation

Get unique letters of recommendation from CareYaya's executive team, and get connected to our contacts at graduate schools to help your chances.

Apply now and join CareYaya to build your thriving medical career!

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