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Double your acceptance rate
to MD, PA and other allied health grad schools

  • Direct patient care hours at $15 - $25 / hr
  • No certifications required
  • Flexible to your own schedule
"This is the best experience you can put on your Med/PA/Nursing school applications"
Dr. David Casarett
Professor, Duke School of Medicine
"I learned a lot, built lasting relationships, and got into my dream school!"
Ashlyn G.
Student, UNC School of Medicine
Students love CareYaya
Emily B.
Patient Care Assistant UNC
After a year of being a PCA, the team at CareYaya was super nice and wrote me a great letter of rec! Thank you!
Julia S.
Patient Care Assistant Yale
I'm proud of the connections I've made, and I almost wish that I didn't have to move for med school.
Arjun N.
Patient Care Assistant Umich
A very educational experience that I was able to include in my personal statement. Loved every minute.
Today, the traditional role of a Patient Care Assistant has transformed.
Now, PCAs can deliver critical support to patients right in their homes.
Collaborate with healthcare professionals and play an integral role in improving home-based care, enhancing community health, and reducing hospital readmissions.
Don't wait - start earning patient care hours now.
All medical professions welcome!
Contribute to a major U.S. public health initiative!
CareYaya helps you navigate grad school admissions.
Why students choose CareYaya
Unique Experience
We connect you with a wide array of meaningful experiences that make for unique personal statements and essays in your applications.
Flexible Scheduling
Get flexible care gigs, helping with in-home care. Help patients with Alzheimer's and dementia, cancer and other chronic diseases.
Exclusive Benefits
For top PCA's, find exclusive shadowing opportunities and letters of recommendation from our team of public health professionals.
The gateway to your professional future in healthcare is waiting.

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