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Find doctor-approved elder care in Boston

from students at top-rated universities

Finding great care is hard. Finding trustworthy, reliable caregivers is even harder. But it doesn't need to be. High-performing students at great, local universities bring enthusiasm and warmth, providing care when and where you need it most!
Families Love CareYaya
Dr. Linda M., MD
Caring for Mom with dementia
My mom has been able to stay independent longer, and really looks forward to the students coming. I highly recommend CareYaya for anyone looking for dementia care in the home.
Sharon B.
Caring for Mom with Alzheimer's
After Mom was diagnosed, we struggled to find a dependable elderly care service to help us. The caregivers from CareYaya have saved my sanity, my job and even my marriage. Thank you ❤️
Scott D.
Caring for Dad with Parkinson's
Dad is lonely in assisted living, so we have CareYaya students come by every day. Best combination of caregiving and senior companionship I've seen. On time, reliable, and engaging.
"Anyone's parents can benefit from companionship for mental and phyiscal health. CareYaya is such a great program because of the benefits it brings to both sides of the community."
Rosalynn Carter
Former First Lady of the United States
"I've been having a great time caring for the few families that I've matched with. I feel like I've been welcomed as part of the family, and it's been an excellent experience!"
Sarah L.
CareYaya Student, University of Michigan
At CareYaya, we understand the complexities families face when caring for elderly loved ones. Our 'joygivers'—passionate student caregivers—are ready to provide warmth, companionship, and skilled support in your home. With us, rest assured knowing your loved ones are cared for, even when you can't be there.
Don't wait - start getting the care you need now.
Reduction of fall-related injuries (FRIs) among families receiving help from caregivers
Years of life can be added to a family member's lifespan when loneliness is prevented
Increase in mood and mental health when receiving companionship
Why families choose CareYaya
Get Better Care
Student caregivers are the highest quality caregivers families can find. Get high-trust care from students who feel like children or grandchildren.
Save Thousands
CareYaya stays alive through community engagement, and the contributions of universities and healthcare systems. You, and the students, benefit!
Schedule Anytime
Unlike traditional care options, we allow you to schedule care when you need it. No minimums, contracts, or fees. Just better care.
How students can help
The students
make all the difference
Higher education means higher satisfaction
Students work for non-monetary incentives
Find care fast for nights and weekends
Families say it feels like grandkids
Book the college-educated caregivers that your loved one deserves.

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