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Meet the caregivers that doctors choose for their loved ones

  • Get high-trust healthcare students at top universities
  • Book care starting at $15/hour
  • Support the doctors & nurses of tomorrow
CareYaya is not a licensed home care agency, as defined in N.C. Gen. Stat. 131E-136(2). Our caregiver registry is free to use, and 100% of your payment goes to students!
Your community loves CareYaya
Dr. Lisa L., MD, Neurology
Caring for Mom with dementia
My mom has been able to stay independent longer, and really looks forward to the students coming. I think they remind her of a younger version of myself!
Sharon B.
Caring for Mom with Alzheimer's
When Mom moved in with us, we had no idea what to do. The caregivers from CareYaya have saved my sanity, my job and even my marriage. Thank you ❤️
Scott D.
Caring for Dad with Parkinson's
Dad is lonely in assisted living, so we have CareYaya students come by every day. Best caregivers I've seen in ten years of managing Dad's care. On time, reliable, and engaging.
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How students can help
Great care should be a right - not a privilege.
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Reduction of fall-related injuries (FRIs) among families receiving help from caregivers
Years of life can be added to a family member's lifespan when loneliness is prevented
Increase in mood and mental health when receiving companionship
The students
make all the difference
Higher education means higher satisfaction
Students work for non-monetary incentives
Find care fast for nights and weekends
Families say it feels like grandkids
Better care to
better your community
450+Falls prevented
$8.5k+Raised to build a better future for caregiving
$7k+Contributed to student higher education
3000+Lives impacted
The future of care, today.
Book the college-educated caregivers that your loved one deserves.
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CareYaya is not a licensed home care agency, as defined in N.C. Gen. Stat. 131E-136(2) and does not make guarantees concerning the training, supervision or competence of the personnel referred hereunder. We refer private, high-quality caregivers to people with disabilities and older adults.