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College Student Caregivers to Care for Your Family Like You Do

Self-directed care at its finest. The new way to find care: CareYaya is NOT a traditional, licensed home care agency. The only caregiver registry of college-educated caregivers, and software that's free to use. Pay the caregiver only $15-$18/hour - including weekends and overnights.

What do healthcare students help with?


How It Works

  1. Go to Request Care
  2. Enter information about you and your loved one, and describe the help you're seeking
  3. Choose the dates and times that you would like care, and submit your request
  4. Once caregivers have accepted, you'll be matched with the best fit for each appointment!

Why CareYaya

CareYaya's platform only admits college students who are motivated by a genuine desire to help families.
With an average rate of $15 - $18/hour, student caregivers are the most cost-effective in the industry.
Book appointments in minutes, and get matched to weekend and overnight care within 2-3 days.
Establish long-term relationships with caregivers through algorithms that match you with the best fit.

A CareYaya Success Story

Sandra lives in North Carolina, but her son, Edward, lives in Texas. After a medical incident, Edward became increasingly concerned that his mother was alone at home for extended amounts of time. Sandra's medical team recommended CareYaya as a resource and Edward booked recurring appointments for Tuesday afternoons. Over a few weeks, Sandra delighted a local student each week from NC State and UNC Chapel Hill with her piano skills - Sandra had spent her career as a music teacher in the local high school and still remembers every musical she directed. Eventually, Sandra formed a bond with Lily, a junior at NC State who is applying to PA school next year. Lily played the violin growing up and was happy to find someone with similar interests. -- change this to be attributable to "an individual" from their perspective

See What People Are Saying

Henry G, Duke Professor
The CareYaya Joygiver was so sweet, and kept my wife engaged the whole time! Great for overnights, too.
Scott D, Family Caregiver
The caregivers through CareYaya are the best I've seen in my ten years of managing care for my father.
Lauren B, Family Caregiver
There have been lots of tears over the last few months... Thank you so much for helping us out, we were really in a bind.

Save money and time.

Find personalized, quality care for your loved ones at the convenience of your fingertips.

Happier caregivers provide better care

Isn't it obvious?

Better pay

Caregivers earn more through CareYaya – typically 32% higher than they would at other in home care work.

Backed by research

Ample research in aging care and gerontology tell us what common sense already suggests: happier caregivers provide better care.

Low-cost by design

Our care management platform allows caregivers to earn what you pay them, and cuts out the large middleman fees charged by most providers.

Better education

By recruiting caregivers from local colleges, CareYaya upholds a standard of quality that gives you confidence in your care.

A caregiver reading to a loved one.

It's time for a new way forward in care.

Care services follow the same old model established decades ago, with little attention to innovation and quality improvement. Care providers focus their resources on competitive marketing, instead of improving care quality.

CareYaya – Experience The Future of Care!

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