Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book care?

1. Visit our home page at; then click on Request Care.

2. Take 3 minutes to fill out some basic information about yourself (such as your name, phone number, address and information about your loved one who needs care).

3. Enter a payment method and review your care request details. (Please note: This is simply to reserve your request. You will not owe anything until after care is delivered, and afterwards, you can pay the caregiver directly via cash/check or Venmo. Only the tip amount will be charged to the card.)

4. Submit the care request.

That's it! After this step, your request will start going out to the wonderful caregivers on our platform, and we'll typically notify you within a couple of days if care is matched.

Note: There's no charge if care is not matched, so it's completely risk-free for you to try submitting a request.

Cancellation policy?

No charge if you cancel before a care session has been matched with a caregiver, $10 charge if you cancel after appointment has been matched, in order to compensate for the inconvenience.

How soon can I get care?

We recommend that you submit a care request at least 7 days in advance of when you need help. Once you book care regularly through CareYaya, you'll be able to get help occasionally on shorter notice if needed. For new clients, caregivers typically prefer that you request care at least a week in advance.

Can you do overnight or weekend care?

Yes! Through CareYaya, overnight care requests and weekend care requests are some of the easiest to fill! And best of all, the hourly rates are the same as during other times - no mark-ups! College student caregivers generally love the opportunity to help out overnight or on the weekends, as it's convenient around their class schedules. CareYaya is a leading connector of overnight and weekend care needs, at a time of industry staffing shortages and unafforable rates for such in-demand care.

Caregiver availability?

During the week, the optimal times to request care are afternoons and evenings. In addition, overnight care requests are typically easy to match. The weekends are also typically periods of higher availability, especially in the afternoons.

Recurring care instead of booking each session manually?

Yes! Our tech team is happy to help you with recurring care bookings. Simply email us at . We recommend you book care once initially through the platform directly. If you like it and want recurring help, simply email us at and we can create a recurring care schedule for you. Recurring care schedules tend to be matched more efficiently, as the caregivers like the predictability.

How do I pay?

Please read here for detailed information. Once CareYaya matches you with a caregiver, and the caregiver delivers care. You can pay them directly; typically via cash, check or Venmo. The CareYaya site itself runs off voluntary tips left at time of reservation; only the tip amount is billed to your credit card, after care is delivered. Most families leave 10-15%, and this helps us match for free some families who are in dire financial need.

Are there minimum hours or days I need to book?

No minimums imposed by the site. Typically, caregivers will prefer sessions of 3-4+ hours; the longer the better in order to make the drive worthwhile. Sessions that are 6-8+ hours are much more likely to get accepted by a caregiver.

Caregiver insurance

CareYaya carries a caregiver insurance policy through Lloyd's of London covering $1 million per incident and $8 million in total coverage. This is one of the key benefits of booking care through the platform. If families arrange care "off the books" privately around the technology platform, they lose the benefit of insurance coverage. So we encourage both families and caregivers to utilize the platform to get continuing coverage, as it's provided at no extra cost.

What level of care - can the caregivers NOT provide?

The caregivers cannot provide medical care. For example, no IVs, no tube feedings, no colostomy bags, no catheters, etc. They're here to help you with activities of daily living and companionship.

Can the caregivers provide transportation?

Not at the moment. CareYaya is working to find an affordable auto insurance policy so that liability can be managed for both the caregivers and families needing care. But for now, we'd highly discourage any transportation of the care receiver by the caregiver, as there is no coverage for that in the event of any accidents.

How are the caregivers vetted?

CareYaya accepts approximately 20% of caregivers who apply to join the platform. We are very selective with our process, and work hard to ensure that every caregiver is providing an amazing experience. In addition, CareYaya offers a robust ratings and reviews system, to continually monitor caregiver quality after each care session.

More Questions?

Reach out to us at or contact us!

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