Benefits of Overnight Care

If you have a loved one that struggles with dementia, mobility, or is at high risk for falling, hiring overnight care may be the right next step for you. Knowing that someone is watching over your loved one through the night can ease the stress and worry that many family caregivers experience. We have outlined several reasons why it is beneficial to hire an overnight caregiver for your elderly loved one. 


Seniors with Dementia

Many elderly people struggle with degenerative mental diseases, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. This can lead to forgetfulness and sometimes erratic behaviors. Overnight caregivers can help to keep track of nightly medication to be sure that your loved one is taking care of themselves. They can also assist in easing their mood swings and allow them to experience a better night's rest. Overnight caregivers don’t sleep and are ready at any moment when your loved one may need them. 

In and out of Bed

Helping with Mobility

If your loved one struggles with mobility, they may have trouble getting both in bed and out of bed, especially in the middle of the night. If they have to go to the bathroom during the nighttime, an overnight caregiver would be there to help make sure they get out of bed and to the bathroom without injuring themselves or causing an accident. They can also make midnight snacks and get water for your elderly loved one if they get hungry or need something to drink. 


Seniors at Risk of Falling

If you worry that your loved one may be at risk of falling and getting injured in the night, having an overnight caregiver is essential to ensuring their safety. Many seniors struggle with mobility and can lose their balance. When it is dark in their home, they are especially susceptible to tripping over out-of-place items or downstairs. An in-home caregiver that stays overnight will be able to do some housekeeping and ensure that walkways are clear and your loved one has a safe environment for walking around. Also, in the event of a medical emergency or an injury occurring during the night, an overnight caregiver would immediately be able to provide aid and call for help. This timeliness can often be the difference between preventing a life-altering injury. 


Recovering from Surgeries 

If your elderly loved one is recovering from a strenuous surgery, it may be a good idea to hire an overnight caregiver. They would be able to regulate their nightly care and ensure that they can recover as quickly and painlessly as possible. They can also keep track of your loved one’s medicine and be sure that they are taking the correct pills at the right time. If they experience any complications, your overnight caregiver would be the first to know and take action. 

Mental Health

Mental Health

One benefit to hiring an overnight caregiver that is often overlooked is the positive impact that they can have on your elderly loved one’s mental health. It is not uncommon for seniors to experience depression and feel lonely at night. If they have no one that they are living with and that they can talk to, that can especially exacerbate the feeling of loneliness. An overnight caregiver is a companion that can entertain your loved one and both keep them happy and make sure they feel safe throughout the night. 

An overnight caregiver can be so beneficial for your loved one depending on their situation. Everyone has a unique need when it comes to caregiving, and finding what works best for your family doesn’t have to be difficult. Knowing that a trusted and reliable individual is looking after your loved one through the nighttime can help to relieve the burden of stress and worry that you may currently experience.

Emma Belk

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