(Research Triangle Park, NC) CareYaya Health Technologies today proudly announced its completion of the prestigious AARP AgeTech Collaborative program, the leading initiative in the United States empowering innovations in elder caregiving and aging services. Of the hundreds of applicants spanning tech startups nationwide, CareYaya stood out as the only elder caregiving platform chosen for this selective 10-company cohort focused on transformative impact for 38 million older Americans.

Backed by the trusted AARP AgeTech Collaborative brand and the deep expertise of its accelerator leadership, CareYaya gains invaluable support to spread its mission of making quality, affordable care more accessible through its unique workforce of vetted college caregivers seeking careers in healthcare. Powered by an artificial intelligence-enabled care matching platform, CareYaya aims to address alarming caregiver shortages, while establishing meaningful intergenerational bonds that demonstrably improve health outcomes.

To date, CareYaya students have provided hundreds of thousands of hours of reliable care in 4 states, earning income while benefiting from training insights during pre-med or nursing studies. Its technology reach continues accelerating.

“We are truly honored by this tremendous vote of confidence from AARP’s AgeTech Collaborative accelerator team,” said CEO Neal K. Shah. “As the only selected elder caregiving platform this year, we now stand poised to scale nationwide with guidance tailored to the $8.3 trillion longevity market. Together we will drive forward bold innovation benefiting millions of older Americans and student caregivers alike."

AARP AgeTech Collaborative CareYaya

The highly selective, 8-week AgeTech Collaborator program provides unparalleled mentorship on successfully developing solutions for the 50+ demographic. CareYaya gains exclusive access to a rich suite of resources—from consumer insights, UI/UX and marketing expertise to clinical guidance, distribution channel partnerships and more.

“CareYaya shows enormous promise in addressing urgent needs among older adults and overwhelmed family caregivers,” said Amy Shroads, AARP Senior Advisor for Incubation and AgeTech Collaborative Lead. “We are thrilled to welcome them to our cohort and empower their noble vision for quality intergenerational care powered by technology, science and compassion."

This year’s class of elite AgeTech firms also includes pioneers in digital biomarkers, financial wellness, adaptive living solutions, music therapy, wearables for disability needs and more—marking an array of remarkable tools to enrich quality of life. Together with support from AARP AgeTech Collaborative’s unparalleled platform and dedicated mentors, CareYaya looks forward to meaningful growth and cooperation advancing better living for all in the longevity economy.

About CareYaya:

CareYaya (www.careyaya.org) operates a healthcare technology platform matching experienced, trusted college caregivers to older adults/families needing care assistance or companionship. Its unique workforce model establishes meaningful intergenerational bonds while addressing alarming labor shortages in a fast-growing industry. An applied research lab backed by physicians at leading healthcare systems, CareYaya unlocks purpose and economic opportunity for students while innovating AI, robotics, sensors to support caregiving and optimal longevity.