The Burden of Being a Sandwich Mom

Being a sandwich mom isn’t easy.

Parenting is hard, but caring for an aging parent can make things even more difficult. Neal K. Shah realized aging Americans needed help and launched the organization CareYaya to fill a void in the health care industry by helping families access quality care at an affordable price.

Roxy Garrity, chief communications officer for CareYaya, tells CafeMom that Shah knew he had to help.

“The traditional home care industry is inaccessible for many families, with care costing anywhere between $30 to $50 per hour in most cities. This leaves behind the majority of the population that needs support," Garrity says.

"In addition, there are societywide caregiver workforce shortages, which are only going to get worse as our aging population increases demand for care. CareYaya aspires to solve this through technology and human capital innovation, leveraging AI and algorithms to create a tech-enabled caregiving solution that is affordable across the country, with rates 30 to 50% lower than traditional care agencies.”


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