Spectrum News 1 Charlotte Features CareYaya

A caregiving business has been expanding its reach to support the growing number of seniors. 

CareYaya Health Technologies launched in the Raleigh-Durham area in 2022 in collaboration with UNC-Chapel Hill. 

The company runs a technology platform connecting families in need of elder care with college caregivers.

CEO of CareYaya Neal Shah says the business provides caregiving services at an affordable rate for families. 

"It's a big health equity project to advance public health for our aging population and connect people with care who are otherwise priced out of the very expensive care market," Shah said. "The rates are only $15 an hour."

Shah says CareYaya recently expanded its services to Charlotte, to meet a growing need for affordable caregiving in the Queen City. He says it also provides a great opportunity for UNC Charlotte students looking to work in the health care field. 

"Our public health research suggested Charlotte is the biggest area of elder concentration in the state. It's also the most expensive area for elder care," Shah said. "Our research suggests almost 90% of families who need help with elder care are priced out of the current private care market because in Charlotte the rates per hour are over $30."

He said CareYaya saw a chance to connect this population with students pursuing health care studies.  

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