Top senior care agencies in Ann Arbor to help elders stay happy at home

More than ever, older adults value the autonomy to decide where they reside, and for most seniors, aging in place is a viable and preferred choice. The familiarity and comfort of home create an atmosphere where elders can flourish and relish their later years, even if they need support. Senior care at home can help your aging family members in Ann Arbor, Michigan stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Elder care services aim to empower seniors to live their best lives, both emotionally and physically.

As our beloved Ann Arbor parents and grandparents enter those later seasons of life's journey, it's only natural that getting around and taking care of everyday tasks might start becoming more challenging. This can make it difficult to carry out daily rituals once taken for granted. But that doesn't mean anyone is ready to lose their independence and eager to move into one of those nursing homes! Thankfully, there are many ways local seniors can get the help they need to be able to continue living safely and happily right there in their own homes and neighborhoods.

Discover dependable senior care for elders in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We're here to help families discover quality care support and companionship. Ongoing home care doesn’t necessarily need to break the budget!

What home care services typically entail

Home care provides a variety of services to assist people in maintaining their freedom at home. In-home care services are designed to help seniors with everyday activities, give companionship, and maintain their physical and mental well-being. Specialized care programs are designed to assist aging individuals with chronic requirements, diseases, or illnesses in maintaining their comfort at home. Typical senior care services are listed below:

In Home Care:

  • Companion Care - caregivers are dedicated to building solid relationships with the people in their care
  • Personal Care - many care services offer respectful assistance with personal care needs. This also includes services like fall prevention, mobility assistance and meal preparation
  • Safety Care - care providers ensure seniors stay safe at home, even if they are alone
  • Seniors and Technology - if your loved one is struggling with social isolation, caregivers can make sure they remain connected to friends and family through video calls, social media, and texting
  • Interactive Caregiving - caregivers are there to uplift seniors' lives and ensure they have the best quality of care for their entire health

Specialized Care:

  • 24-Hour Care - this service is beneficial for older adults who have safety concerns, are bedridden, or live with a chronic condition. Caregivers can often work in shifts to provide quality services and monitor your loved one’s health at any time
  • Overnight Care - caregivers are available overnight to help those with advanced dementia or terminal illness stay safe with companionship at night
  • Dementia Care - our memory care services allow a person with dementia to remain where they are most familiar and comfortable: home. Often, caregivers are trained to the best practices of memory care to ensure you or your loved one is safe and healthy at home for as long as possible
  • End-of-life Care - care providers are here to provide essential assistance to terminally ill adults and emotional support for their families
  • In-Facility Care - although care providers typically offer services within the home, occasionally caregivers do complement care in nursing homes and assisted living facilities
  • Post-Hospital Care - care providers often have transitional senior care programs that can help older or disabled adults who are about to be discharged from the hospital

The best senior care at home

Below, we lay out in order the best home care options in Ann Arbor. Please note these are ranked in order of the top Google reviews, based on the highest ratings and greatest number of reviews first. We have also listed specific reviews from real people utilizing these care services that customers have left on public platforms.

CareYaya senior care

1.     CareYaya

4.9 out of 5 stars, 94 Reviews (Google Reviews)

CareYaya is a leading provider of home care services in Ann Arbor MI, operating a nationally-recognized caregiver registry of wonderful college students who provide personalized assistance and support to seniors and disabled individuals who need help with daily tasks to remain independent at home. The program has earned the backing of the AgeTech Collaborative from AARPJohns HopkinsHarvard Innovation Labs and several other leading institutions. Starting rates at $15 per hour provide a reasonable price point for the Ann Arbor aging population compared to traditional home care agencies that often charge double or triple the hourly rates. Scheduling visits from one of these medically-savvy University of Michigan student helpers means your Ann Arbor parents always have someone responsible checking in on them, without breaking the bank!

Susie Oquendo

CareYaya is truly amazing! From the enthusiastic students to the professionalism of the young woman taking my mom's information, I was blown away. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with all of them. What a pleasant surprise for us when found in such a tough situation. We heard great things about the program from the hospital case manager as well as a social worker a few months prior to my mom's fall. This program actually saved us from the (sometimes hopeless) situation we found ourselves in. My mother suddenly needed 24 hour care after a fall that led us to the hospital for over a week. Now that she is home, it has not been easy to find people around the clock- especially for the night shifts. Due to their schedules, this works better for some students. There are many benefits for both my mom (who is 95) and the students who work with her. She has dementia and when she fell, she fractured 3 vertebrae on her upper back and fractured her sternum. The students are interested in the medical field on some level.. from pre-med, students to PTs ....I find it admirable. Thank you CareYaya for working with us. You will never know how much we appreciate your assistance and love shown to our mom.

2.     Moon River Senior Care and Transportation

4.2 out of 5 stars, 5 Reviews Google Reviews

Lorinda Ayling

Moon River has provided exceptional care for my parents.  All of the caregivers are extremely compassionate and qualified.  My father was in Hospice care and they made his day when they would show up - he told me before he passed that he wished we would have started their services sooner.  We have continued companion care for my Mother - they have truly been a blessing throughout.  They also have an on-line "Family Room" where you can access the schedule and care logs.  It was always comforting to log-in and see that the caregiver arrived (always right on time) and read the notes from the day.  I would highly recommend, without reservation, Moon River Care.

3.     Assisting Hands - Serving Loudoun County

5.0 out of 5 stars, 24 Reviews Google Reviews

Deborah Rose

ASSISTING hands provided incredible home care service in Ashburn. provided care for my mother for the last 8 months and I’m extremely happy with the service. Their caregivers are reliable and compassionate. In my humble opinion, the best affordable/valued quality adult care in the area. Thank you. If you find you need support for your loved one call Assisting Hands.

If you're looking to move your parents to Ann Arbor, here's a great video below showcasing why Ann Arbor is one of the best places for elders to retire to:

4.     Right at Home

5.0 out of 5 stars, 1 Reviews Google Reviews

James Beegen

Hi Mr. Beegen, thank you for your comments and feedback.  Unfortunately we do not have any record of you, or anyone with your last name, being associated with our office or services. Given the nature of your comments, please contact me … More

5.     Always Best Care Senior Services - Home Care Services in Loudoun

5.0 out of 5 stars, 13 Reviews Google Reviews

Michael Brendes

Chris has been fantastic managing and coordinating part-time care for my mothers husband and elevating care to 24/7 on a short notice (emergency).

He has put my mom and the both families at ease and very comfortable with the process.

Incredible patient service and family support.

Would recommend you meet with Chris to customize the appropriate care for your loved one.

Absolute professional in his field.

6.     Advanced Senior Care - Caregivers - Elderly Home Care

5.0 out of 5 stars, 1 Reviews Google Reviews

Gillian Cazares

I found them very good. They really care the elders with respect. I have personally saw their caregiver working in our neighbour. he come daily and take the old man to the doctor and stays home with the old man whole day.

7.     BrightStar Care

4.9 out of 5 stars, 131 Reviews Google Reviews


8.     I-CARE, Inc. Home Health Care

4.8 out of 5 stars, 23 Reviews Google Reviews

Allison Tepper

The team at I-Care is wonderful, caring and professional and I would highly recommend them for any home health care needs. Aside from their home care services, I recently took their CPR course and had a great experience. The training was very informative and I left feeling confident in my abilities. Thank you I-Care!

9.     HomeWell Care Services

5.0 out of 5 stars, 27 Reviews Google Reviews

Michele Spyridakis

HomeWell is one amazing company. I just recently started working for them and the care that they give to their clients is above and beyond what anyone would expect for their loved ones. The owner and my co-workers are just amazing.  So, whether you're looking for a job or extra care for your loved one, this is the place to be with. I personally would highly recommend them for my family and my friends for both work and care.

Other Care Options

We hope you find the directory of Ann Arbor area home care options to be helpful as you search for options to care for your aging parents.

If your parents prefer to move into an independent living community, here is a helpful YouTube video laying out the top options in the Ann Arbor and surrounding area.

Connect with Caring Helpers Providing Reasonably-Priced Care

By bringing in some part-time private duty caregivers a few hours a week through a reputable service like CareYaya, you can take a lot of daily burdens off your aging loved ones' shoulders. These assistants can lend a hand with basic chores or personal care tasks that have gotten difficult to manage solo, whether due to dementia or physical frailty. CareYaya college students training to be nurses or doctors get special instruction on compassionately caring for seniors before being matched with local clients needing a boost. This way, they can help with assisted daily living care for your aging parents.

Starting rates at $15 per hour provide a reasonable price point for the Michigan's aging population compared to traditional home care agencies that often charge double or triple the hourly rates. Scheduling visits from one of those medically-savvy helpers means your Ann Arbor parents always have someone responsible checking in on them, without breaking the bank!

If Grams needs overnight assistance too, CareYaya can arrange vetted overnight caregivers in her Ann Arbor home as well. Having that reliable overnight care support prevents risky middle-of-the-night mobility mishaps and gives family caretakers well-deserved rest knowing she's in good hands. Rates for overnight elderly care through CareYaya run approximately $120 per night for an 8-hour session – less than half the cost of comparable local care agency options.

Keeping Seniors Active in Ann Arbor

Interactive caregiving encourages seniors to participate and explore their surroundings in a safe and comfortable manner. Seniors in Ann Arbor can participate in community activities, get to appointments on time, and visit their favorite places with the help of a great caregiver. Here are some of our most favorite places to take our clients to:

Gallup Park

Caregivers can accompany elders to Gallup Park so they can get fresh air, exercise, and socialization. This is also a great opportunity for seniors to take their grandchildren to the park without the risk of any incidents.

Ann Arbor District Library

For seniors who like to read, caregivers are more than happy to help them check out books at the Ann Arbor District Library. Other fun things to do at the library include using the public computers and signing up for programs.

East Ann Arbor Health and Geriatrics Center

If your loved one has an appointment at the East Ann Arbor Health and Geriatrics Center, caregivers can accompany them to the appointment. Caregivers can even take notes during their appointment and report back to concerned family members.

Use Handy Gadgets Making Homes Senior-Friendly

Lots of smart new devices can make seniors' homes safer and easier to live in independently these days! For instance, installing one of those voice-controlled Amazon Echo Show smart displays lets your Ann Arbor folks just ask out loud to adjust room temperatures or hear their favorite oldies station by simply talking to Alexa. No complex remotes required!

And if health emergencies do come up, mobile medical alert systems like MobileHelp give round-the-clock access to help at the push of a button. CarePredict Tempo sensors even automatically notice unexpected changes in normal activity patterns that could signal bigger issues, so families can catch problems early.

Home Modifications to Support Changing Abilities and Ensure Accessibility

As legs get creakier through the years, look at doing some renovations to match your aging parents’ changing physical abilities in their Ann Arbor home. Start with simple things first, like adding grab bars in the shower, improving lighting in hallways, and moving frequently-used items to easily reachable shelves. These little tweaks go a long way in boosting confidence and self-reliance!

Here's an informative video from the American Occupational Therapy Association of what home modifications can do to help loved ones age safety at home:

If stairs do become impossible for the folks over time, relocating the bedroom and laundry downstairs removes those hazards. For anyone needing wheelchair access, widening doors or converting a main floor space gets them rolling safely.

Caregiving Support Groups: Lean On Others When Caregiving Overwhelms

Assuming caregiving responsibilities stretches families thin. Taking care of aging family on top of regular life demands can burn you out! When your plate overflows past capacity, lining up back-up caregivers through CareYaya prevents loved ones’ care from falling through cracks on your off days. It saves relationships and everyone’s sanity not to stretch yourself too thin for too long.

Pulling together part-time assistance, handy home adjustments, and staying active in enjoyable community groups, Ann Arbor seniors can rediscover a sense of purpose and dignity supporting safe, happy aging at home for years to come. It just takes some thoughtful planning and willingness to positively adjust to new realities when seasons change.

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